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There are all types of Cameras for winter sports, but in this article, we will be covering Mini Camera Ski, snowboarding, and other snow sports. The problem is that there are hundreds of models in the market, but to find the right one, you will need to do extensive research before you get to make a decision. Best Quality Hiking boots’ experts have done all the testings for Best Camera for Skiing and Snowboarding, either action or traditional compact camera. Both can provide great photos and videos, in addition to the sensor, Focal Length, and water resistance which is a must when dealing with the sow.

Action Versus Traditional Camera

The best-known action camera is the GoPro. Very known with the best performance out there, compact and ultralight is the reason it is dominating the market. It comes with cool features such as slow-motion, time wrap, lapse video, HDR, in addition to 4k quality recording. Awesome camera for the slopes as all skiers and snowboarders mount the GoPro camera on their helmets or their snowboards, providing good quality due to waterproof and shock resistance. This model is also compatible with sticks, straps, and tripods for hand free camera shoot. It has a wide-angle lens, makes it perfect the outdoor. But the downside is that this camera does make better videos than photos. So if you are in for videos, this will be the camera for you, but if you prefer to take a nicer photo, you will need to go with the traditional one.

Traditional Versus Action Camera

DSLR cameras are the traditional camera that is known for taking the best high-resolution, high-quality photos, 4k videos and they are good for the outdoor adventure but not for snowboarding and skiing as you will need to point and shoot. It comes with a large sensor, adjustable high-quality focal length by using the zoom, more versatile but the downside, it takes less quality video than the GoPro camera. So now you know the drill. If you were planning on taking awesome photos, that is the traditional camera, but if you were more interested in cool videos, then you must go with an action camera Go pro that can be used for all type of sports, including, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and for most of the outdoor activities.

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What Makes a Quality Camera

1/ There are all types of sensors and you need to be careful as they may affect the image quality. The larger is the sensor the better is the photo quality, which makes full-frame sensors offer the best photo performance, while the smaller is the sensor, the fewer quality photos you will experience. 2/ Today’s cameras record 4k videos, the best in the business, and you need to settle for no less than 60 frames per second. The higher is the frame rate, the more images the sensor can capture for smoother videos.3/ The focal length of the lens is responsible for how narrow or wide the scenery would be. That is the reason you need to get a short focal length that can capture wide-angle images for sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, biking, etc., and that is why GoPro is highly recommended.

Why Other Features are Important
  • Most action cameras come with electronic image stabilizers that prevent undesired motion in the image
  • A waterproof camera is a must these days for all outdoor activities
  • Mount Action cameras include lots of accessories and mounts, and that makes them great for skiers and snowboarders to mount them to their helmets
  • ISO adjustment settings are great to increase light sensitivity ( watch out as the higher is the ISO is the lower photos quality)
  •  Wi-Fi connectivity has the advantage to connect your camera to a tablet or a laptop and to post into your social media or send to coworkers, friends, and family
  •  When it comes to Batteries, Action cameras like GoPro last up to 1h & ½ when shooting a video while GoPro knockoffs make it in less than 1h. On the other hand, Traditional Cameras can last up to 6h fo videos and 3h for photos
  •  When performing outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, the size and weight do matter. Best to go with a smaller size and lightweight camera.

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Best GoPro Camera

GoPro Hero4 Black 4k has the best software on the market, and you get ample mounts and bundles to choose from. Great video options, including 1.4K, 2.7K, and 4K, with speeds ranging from 30 fps up to 240 fps, that make skiers and snowboarders happy campers. Its Battery life is about 2 hours at 1080p, and the stills at 12 megapixels, makes it a bit inferior to other traditional cameras. But considering the top end of the action camera spectrum, you got to pay the price.

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Sony XR100 IV Best Buy

The Sony RX100 IV is one of the best point-and-shoot traditional cameras out there that does it all. It is very popular among skiers and snowboarders featuring 4k video. You will be very happy with its high-quality images, and you can shoot up to 1000 slow motion frames. Has a great zoom lens, high-resolution LCD screen, and pop-up electronic viewfinder. The downside is not good videos as the GoPro when of point-of-view, but still make quality videos. Very pricey for a point-and-shoot, but you got to pay the price for the best quality traditional camera.

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Olympus TG 6 Camera

The Olympus Tough TG-6 is the top waterproof camera on the market. It is also claimed to be dustproof, freezeproof, and shockproof making it a camera that you can use whenever or wherever you like. So Snow won’t affect the performance of the camera. Makes good videos 1080p. It has a fast f/2.0 zoom lens, That performs better than its competition in low lighting. Battery life is very good.

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Sony a7R II Review

Sony a7R II goes back to 2015 with in-body image stabilization, 4K video, and Sony’s super-sharp 42.4MP full-frame sensor packed into a compact and weather-resistant body for still photos. The only problem with this camera is the steep price as the average Joe won’t invest in it, unless, you are a professional photographer, or financially comfortable, who want to step up to a new level of image quality that other cameras won’t do. The good news about it is since Sony came up with the latest version that has a 61 MP full-frame sensor, it is putting the Sony A7R II on sale for a great bargain if anyone wishes to take advantage of the price.

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8 thoughts on “Mini Camera Ski – Expert Reviews”

  1. I have made up my mind for GoPro. And one of the things I like the most is that it’s at the top end of the action camera spectrum and that its battery life is about 2 hours at 1080p. I have seen the pictures taken by one of these and it has blown my mind. I really want one and feel it’s a good investment.

    • Hello Paolo, and many thanks for your comment.

      I’m very sure that you will be very pleased with your GoPro Camera. You are on the money. Enjoy.

  2. Hello! I really appreciate your review of all these cameras. I never knew the difference between action and traditional cameras. This is good to know for those of us who ski or do other outside sports, especially water sports. Another thing I did not know is about the sensors in the cameras and how they make that much of a difference! The Olympus TG 6 Camera looks like the way to go for water sports. My husband water skis so I think this camera would be the one I want. Thanks again for this review, it was very educational!

  3. Hands down, I am a die-hard GoPro fan! 

    Don’t get me wrong I love a good mirrorless but for hitting the slopes or even the trails GoPro has the ease of use and quality. I have been using mine for years. Mostly for when I am hitting the water on my SUP. I needed something that would be waterproof and durable. So for your readers, I would just take this into consideration. “Am I going to do a lot of work pre, during, and post getting footage?” because using something like a GoPro is soooo simmple click and shoot. and download from the app (which is stellar btw!) 

    Anyway, thanks Akim! I am so glad that I get to be here to support you and your readers! 

  4. I haven’t really thought seriously about getting an action camera until I read this review. I have heard of the GoPro, as some of my friends who cycle use them and it’s really great to see some of the footage they get while they are mountain biking especially.

    Having a camera like this could be invaluable when going on holiday, as you can wear it and forget about it. Do you know how long the battery lasts on the GoPro and how much footage you can fit onto the camera before needing to download it?

    • Hello Michel, and many thanks for your comment.

      The GoPro is an awesome camera to have. The battery lasts for up to 2 hours with the following settings: Continual video shooting in 1080p at 60fps. Recording time will vary according to the resolution setting used and the card capacity. Here are the average recording storage times for an HD HERO2 camera with a 32GB SD card: 1080p (30 fps): 4h 21m. 960p (30 fps): 5h 26m.



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