Men’s Hiking Clothes – Reviews

Advice, Guides, Tips and Reviews from our Veteran, an Avid hiker adventurer and world-class traveler on Men’s Hiking Clothes.

How to buy Men’s hiking Clothes

This is something that I spend most of my life with since I was a kid as I have not stopped buying hiking and outdoor clothes in general since then. We all believe in marketing hype and trend after trend. Some folks base their judgment on the look of clothing or based on the price not on the quality which is very wrong as we end up paying an arm and leg as the product doesn’t last more than one season and we will need to replace it. Now you must learn the hard way as we are better off investing a bit of time reading experts reviews about products to avoid the conviction of the gear producers/companies promising us the consumers that they have the best product as they have marketing folks who have nothing to do but scheme to paintbrush attractive look to make us believe and get involved without doing our research on the desired products.

What Clothes to Wear for Hiking

When it comes to Men’s Hiking Clothes, it is all about layering. Starting with a good fabric basic shirt to a long sleeve one that can act as the next layer of warmth, Merino wool socks, a comfortable and breathable quick-drying pants made out of Polyester or Nylon, a lightweight waterproof insulated jacket to a best quality hiking boots or a best running shoes Men to enjoy your outdoor experience. Now if there is one thing that every adventure enthusiastic should have, is to make sure you get high-quality clothing from the best outdoor brands on the market like Arc’teryx, Fjallraven, Mammut, Patagonia, Kathmandu, and Norrona, etc… So here we have good quality and best pick hiking clothes for Men with tips and reviews based on our experts’ experience so you can save time and energy before you get your hands on any hiking gear.

Clothes to Wear for Hiking

What are the hiking clothes that you should not wear?

When it comes to hiking and all outdoor adventure, we must be picky and do the right thing as we must void a list of items when planning a hike to help you stay on track to have a successful hiking experience by selecting quality clothes to wear for hiking.

1-Cotton and silk

The first is “Cotton and silk” as it is an absorbent material and the problem with either one of them is when you get wet as you sweat or from the rain, it would take forever to dry, and that is the last thing you need to have on a trail.


The second on our list is to stay away from “Denim” wear as will absorb moisture very easy and you will get socked up. So what we need to is the opposite wear of wicking water and not collecting it. So that must be voided completely.

3-No Show Socks

The third item is “ No Show Socks”. That is a big No-No and you do not want to leave the back of your foot exposed to get rubbed against the inside of your boot while hiking ending up having blisters. What you need is a perfect fit sock that goes above your boot and makes sure it is made out of wool or a synthetic Polymer. A loose sock is another big No-No.

4-Weak Boots or Shoes

Forth item is to stay away from “weak boots or shoes” while hiking. When you are in the wildness you need quality hiking boots or quality running shoes Men to support you from the unexpected like rocks, crossing streams, and any condition where your boots can protect you from any bad situation that may occur on the trail. So you need a pair with plenty of treads on the sole with a good grip as all terrains are not equal and need to protect yourself from sliding. Not to forget that a wild hike would need good quality hiking boots that protect and support the ankle which is my personal preference but other folks prefer trail running shoes that work just fine as long as you know what you are up to.

5-Bulky pant or Jacket

The 5th item is to void any ‘Bulky pant or Jacket”. A good fit is a must to enjoy your hike. You do not want to wear loose or heavy clothes. A comfortable and flexible movement while hiking is ideal.

6-Very Thin or Stiff Fabric

The number 6 is to void items that are “very thin or stiff fabric”. A successful hike requires to wear items with the flexibility to hike very comfortably. We need to wear quality hiking wear that is made out of god materials tough enough to withstand what the outdoor for all types of terrains and do not get snagged and ripped that easy.

7-Perfume and Body Spray

The 7th item is to let go of “perfume and body spray” while on a trail to void bus and mosquitoes attraction. It gets more complicated when you sweat as some folks get skin irritation.

8–One Layer

The number 8th is to never go on a hike with only ”one layer”. No need to explain this as the weather can change at any given minute based on the place and its climate, as well as the terrain, etc…So always pack right when planning a hike As the temperatures change throughout the day, you can adjust your clothing based on your needs.

Best Hiking Pants Men

When planning on an awesome hike, the first thing that comes to mind is to be hiking in gear by wearing your best-hiking pants Men needs on the trail to have an enjoyable journey. Here you have some of our best selection hiking pants from the best brands and best designers in this space with expert reviews and complete details to help you explore the outdoors with a piece of mind.

Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking Trouser Men'sFjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking Trouser Men’s

Another top-rated regular fit with mid-rise waist Pant for hiking, backpacking, and climbing. Has a lite durable fabric, stretchy, and water-resistant with ventilation openings along the hips, and loops on the back with large hip pockets for carrying gear. It also has adjustable cuffs and hooks that give a snug fit around the hiking boots. Excellent design from a great producer “Fjallraven” that has been crafting durable outdoor goods since 1960.

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Mammut Hiking Pant Men'sMammut Hiking Pant Men’s

Mammut regular fit Hiking Pant, made out of Nylon stretch fabric that provides freedom of movement while venturing the outdoor and scrambling rocky trails. This pant resists water and dirt and wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable. Comes with zippered pockets to keep any essentials secured.
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Mammut Courmayeur SO Pant Men'sMammut Courmayeur SO Pant – Men’s

Mammut Men’s Courmayeur Advanced Softshell great fit to wear for your type of daily adventure. As it is capable of transitioning seamlessly from base camp to approach to ascent. We are talking about the Courmayeur here as it reflects Mammut’s 150 years of technical gear design and outdoor experience. Dirt and water-resistant material sheds light rain and snow and dries super fast. It has multiple friendly pockets throughout the pants to secure all needed on the hike. Comes with adjustable leg cuffs that fit all types of hiking and mountaineering boots. This is one of my favorites pants out there.

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On Running Waterproof Pants Men'sOn Running Waterproof Pants Men’s

This is one of our crew’s best can do it all lightweight, waterproof pant no matter what weather or rainstorm we hit on the trail as it has a good quality waterproofing 3L membrane. It has panels below the knee that are composed of a hybrid blend of synthetic and elastic fibers offering comfortable mobility on the trail. For all types of terrains and climate, running, hiking, and mountaineering pants keep you nice and dry so that you can focus on your adventure. Breathable, durable, and comfortable with integrated ankle zips that offer ventilation and wider footwear compatibility. Comes with dual hand pockets to warm hands as well as stashing essentials if needed. Great stuff.

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Best Winter Jackets Men

Best Winter Jackets Men

The second thing you may want to think about while planning your outdoor trip is what kind of jacket do I need to wear based on the expected weather in the area of destination. Exploring in the winter or when summiting a high peak in the winter or other season would require packing the best winter jacket Men can think of. Learn about our best expert pick with complete details and review each jacket.

Mammut Eigerjoch Pro IN Hooded Jacket Men'sMammut Eigerjoch Pro IN Hooded Jacket Men’s

If you were planning to explore the outdoor when it is cold or freezing, you would need a heavy-duty insulator jacket like the Mammut Elgerjoch that is designed for alpine and mountaineering. It is well insulated with Primaloft Gold and 800-fill down insulation around all areas where most likely to get wet, and each seam is sealed to retain heat and prevent moisture from getting in. Windproof with maximum water-resistant and double chambers with taped seams to enhance all types of weather protection. Its motion construction is designed specifically for alpine and outdoor madness. Comes with storm proof hood, compatible with a helmet, and glove-friendly. As a big plus, it has great visibility in high altitudes to enhance a safe journey. Now you can go hike in the cold without worries.

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Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket Men'sArc’teryx Beta AR Jacket Men’s

The Beta AR Jacket is Arc’teryx’s is one of the models that do it all as it is made for the versatile mountaineers who climb alpine all summer and ski the backcountry all winter. So you can’t go wrong with this amazing jacket as it got great reviews from all our crew members. It has a 3 layer construction that includes a Gore-Tex Pro laminate for excellent waterproofing when hiking, climbing or skiing, or exploring, at the same time, it has great breathability. This awesome jacket best suits folks who are on the trail every day to wander the outdoor. comes with watertight zippers at front and underarm vents to keep moisture out, an adjustable drop hood that is compatible with a helmet for a perfect fit, and multiple pockets to stash all adventure essentials needed for the trail. This is my favorite out of all the Arc’teryx Betas.

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Arc'teryx Proton LT Hooded Insulated Jacket Men'sArc’teryx Proton LT Hooded Insulated Jacket Men’s

The Arc’teryx Proton LT Hooded Insulated Jacket is another great layer that will handle just about any inclement weather you may face on your outdoor adventure. Breathable and weather-resistant face fabric with synthetic insulation. Its fabric prevents overheating while you’re on the move, but resistant to wind, water, and snow. It adds a lightweight warmth and fasts to dry, at the same time it is designed with a trim fit to reduce needless bulk, articulated arms, and gusseted elbows for climbing movement and mobility to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Comes with a warm hoodie and insulated helmet-compatible hood offers to add warmth especially in cold o freezing temperatures. Slim fit allows freedom of movement and comfort. It doesn’t come with a slip Zip to prevent the main zipper from self-opening while performing any activity. This is another great lightweight jacket to add to your outdoor and adventure packing list.

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Fuego Hooded Down Jacket MensFuego Hooded Down Jacket Mens

The Fuego Hooded Down Jacket is a super-insulated layering staple. Water-resistant 800 fill goose down insulation to keep you warm and makes it one of the layers that you won’t have the desire to take off for the entire year except for the summertime. Has a Nylon ripstop shell to give some added protection against grinding, or rubbing away by friction and light precipitation. It has a streamlined, adjustable, and customized fit at the waist, scuba hood, and elastic binding to ensure free movement in natural mobility during any type of outdoor activity. It is a good item to add to your hiking in the gear list.

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Best Rain Jackets Men

Best Rain Jackets Men

A lot of folks prefer to wear layers for the outdoor, and one of them that is always good to have is one of the best rain jackets Men can have. Here are the 5 top cool ones with details to choose from based on our experts and outdoors Enthusiastic reviews.

Arc'teryx Zeta SL Jacket Men'sArc’teryx Zeta LT Jacket Men’s

The Zeta LT is a great piece to have as this lightweight Jacket is designed for those rugged and wet landscapes. It implements a compressible design to not take too much packing space, with a Gore-Tex Pro 3 layer shell, completely sealed seams, and water repellent finish for waterproof and breathable weather protection. Comes with an adjustable storm hood blocking out wind, rain and you just name it. Great stuff to use for trekking and backpacking. Regular fit.

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Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket Men'sPatagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket Men’s

The Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell 3L regular fit Jacket is a great rain shell packs into its pocket for hikers and backpackers to help them go through a wet day. It offers rugged waterproofing in the form of Patagonia’s Performance Standard H2No membrane which is the same membrane used in pro ski jackets. Excellent construction keeping it light and packable to make it as easy as possible in the alpine. It has an adjustable hood seals out the storm at any given time, sheds moisture to ensure a fast dry, and a microfleece-lined neck for adding comfort.

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Patagonia Rainshadow Jacket Men'sPatagonia Rainshadow Jacket Men’s

The Patagonia Men’s Rainshadow regular fit is a dependable rain Jacket for trekking, backpacking, or for any outdoor activity like skiing, etc.., and a great layer to have in case it starts raining at any given time as it is extremely light and packable. 3 Layer face fabric that is fully sealed waterproof, providing solid protection wherever you roam. Fair Trade certified.

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Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell Jacket Men'sBlack Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell Jacket Men’s

The Black Diamond Men’s Stormline Stretch Rain Shell is the waterproof, windproof layer needed to protect anyone from any surprise storm that may get caught in, and it is super light for wearing or packing. It has great technology as it dries fast and seals out rain plus wind while allowing air flowing managing moisture inside the jacket.
It has a 4-way stretch construction, plenty of mobility for scrambling and reaching with free movement. The hood fits comfortably with a climbing safe helmet in order to be protected from the weather etc…., and adjustable hem and cuffs for the perfect and secure fit.

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Patagonia Fleece Jackets Men

Best Fleece Jackets Men

Speaking of layers, there is nothing better than having one of the fleece jackets Men from the list bellow packed and be used when needed at any given season to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Here you can learn with complete detailed reviews about the latest top picks from the expert himself and the rest our our crew.

Mammut Aconcagua Light ML Hooded Jacket Men'sMammut Aconcagua Light ML Hooded Fleece Jacket Men’s

Mammut made the Men’s Aconcagua Light ML Hooded comfortable Jacket for technical, demanding mountain tours like all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride powder skiing/snowboarding, ice climbing, park/freestyle skiing plus snowboarding, climbing, hiking, or just traveling. Its athletic fit includes underarm gussets for freedom of movement and mobility, wicks moisture, and dries quickly. It comes with an elasticized hood and finished with a zippered chest pocket. Nice to have on the trail.

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Outdoor Research Refuge Hybrid Hooded Jacket Men'sOutdoor Research Refuge Hybrid Hooded Jacket Men’s

Another great layer to enhance your layering for those long days on the trail or the slopes with the Outdoor Research Refuge Hybrid Hooded Jacket. It is warm and lofty VerticalX insulation that is lightweight and able to trap body heat even when wet with an impressive balance of comfort and performance. Its stretch fabric in the side panels, sleeves, and hood would keep you with free movement and focusing on the tasks while on the trail. It is an awesome jacket for backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, or just for a casual outing. Durable material made with built-in stuff pocket, Low Pro Binding cuffs and hood for protection, and multiple pockets making you prepared. I love it.

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Patagonia R1 Fleece 1:2-Zip Pullover Men'sPatagonia R1 Fleece 1:2-Zip Pullover Men’s

The Patagonia R1 Fleece 1/2-Zip Pullover perfect fit has been trusted for years as most of our crew members found it very useful for all seasons. Breathable with a power grid designed to enhance airflow and moisture management as you are hiking or climbing in all falling temperatures. It has a deep chest zipper allowing for cooling ventilation when needed, shoulder seams to ensure comfort as well, a smooth exterior face that layering under a shell against the wind, and when raining. An extended chest zipper allows for quick ventilation with mobility. Off-shoulder seams to prevent chafing when wearing a backpack and its smooth face fabric make it easy to pull on a shell in stormy weather. It has a comfortable cuff,
single chest pocket and another plus is Polygiene anti-odor technology.

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Ortovox Westalpen Swisswool Hybrid Jacket Men'sOrtovox Westalpen Swisswool Hybrid Jacket Men’s

The Westfalen Swisswool Hybrid athletic fit Jacket technical mid-layer would boost your outdoor performance as it blends a water-resistant outer for light weather with a moisture-wicking liner to ensure you dry fast enough to enjoy the warmth of this jacket while venturing out there. It has a wool lining wicks moisture while regulating heat and resisting odor. Comes with a single chest pocket to use if needed and a protective collar blocking wind and wicks moisture.

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Best Outdoor Vests Men

Best Outdoor Vests Men

A lot of folks prefer to wear layers for the outdoor, and one of them that is always good to have is one of the best rain jackets Men can have. Here are the 5 top cool ones with details to choose from based on our experts and outdoors Enthusiastic reviews.

Arc'teryx Kyanite Fleece Vest Men'sArc’teryx Cerium LT Down Vest – Men’s

The Arc’teryx Men’s Cerium LT Vest keeps you comfortable and warm in those cold winter hikes. This well lightweight down vest for adventures in the backcountry is insulated with 850 fill white goose down for maximum warmth. Its Nylon fabric features water-resistant treatment. Down Composite Mapping for strategic insulation. Trim fit for maximum warmth and easy layering. Comes with zippered hand pockets to use when needed for storage.

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Patagonia Down Sweater Vest Men'sPatagonia Down Sweater Vest Men’s

The Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Vest for all seasons use and for all types of outdoor activity to have as an additional warm layer ideal for those chilly freezing days when needed. It is amazing to learn that its traceable Down comes from free-range geese that were never forced fed. 800-fill Traceable Down insulation is lightweight and compressible, windproof, and water-resistant. It has 1 zippered internal stow pocket at the chest for convenience, and a contoured fit with a longer hem wears over and under layers without any complication.

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Patagonia Micro Puff Insulated Vest Men'sPatagonia Micro Puff Insulated Vest Men’s

The Patagonia Men’s Micro Puffregular fit Insulated lightweight Vest with compressible Plumafill insulation is perfect for the outdoor that allows for easy mobility. We can always use an extra warm layer as the temperature gets colder throughout the seasons and in all types of terrains. This windproof insulator packs a high warmth to weight ratio and works as an outer layer or under a shell. Comes with multiple pockets as small storage.

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Fjallraven Expedition Down Lite Vest Men'sFjallraven Expedition Down Lite Vest Men’s

Another Fjallraven Expedition Down Lite regular fit Vest can handle expeditions to the arctic and help you be protected from the cold in the 700-fill down as works to trap heat and warmth as the days get chilly, and is accompanied with a treatment to withstand rain as well as snow. It comes with a buttoned zipper flap to protect the zipper from inclement weather outdoors. Nice piece to have.

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Long sleeve Tops Men

Best Long Sleeve Tops Men

Here are reviews of some of the exceptional long-sleeve tops Men layers with cool styles made out of quality materials that are designed to Last.

Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top Men'sPatagonia Capilene Air Crew Top Men’s

The Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top is a great slim fit layer, durable, airy wool blend pulls moisture off your skin to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable under the rest of your layers on any winter adventures. Anti-Odor fabric that is stretchy, soft, and moves with the body as it is made out of half merino wool and half polyester. Additionally, the soft elastic knit cuffs keep the sleeves from bunching up when you throw on your next layer and it aids environmental causes and uses eco-friendly fabrics.

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La Sportiva Stratosphere Hooded Shirt Men'sLa Sportiva Stratosphere Hooded Shirt Men’s

La Sportiva Stratosphere Long-Sleeve Hooded regular fit shirt is a great layer to keep you warm because of its merino wool blend fabric that generates heat out of moisture and has a high thermal capacity to ensure your warmth for the outdoor. The flatlock seam construction eliminates chafing to keep the fit and feel very soft. The hood goes above the chin adding extra protection against wind.

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Arc'teryx Delta LT Zip-Neck Fleece Pullover Men'sArc’teryx Delta LT Zip-Neck Fleece Pullover Men’s

The Arc’teryx Delta LT Zip-Neck Fleece standard fit is a versatile performance pullover for all seasons. It provides essential thermoregulation throughout the year for all needs.
It is quick wicking and highly packable, stretch with gusseted underarms for full mobility
1/2 front zip that provides easy ventilation, and its high collar adding warmth for cool evenings on the trail.

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Mammut Moench Advanced Half-Zip Long Sleve TopMammut Moench Advanced Half-Zip Long Sleve Top

This is a great quality fit sleeve technical top layer that can be used for all types of outdoor activities including hiking, mountaineering, all-mountain skiing and snowboarding, backcountry skiing, and snowboarding. It is stretchy and breathable with a half zip design for easy venting. Made out of polyester, nylon, and spandex combo fabric.

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Short Sleeve Shirts Men

Best Short Sleeve Shirts Men

Our expert guide for short sleeve shirts Men to learn how to find the perfect fit and wear with good quality fabric and style.

Arc'teryx Cormac Crew Short sleeve Shirt Men'sArc’teryx Cormac Crew Short sleeve Shirt Men’s

Great regular fit shirt for hiking, camping, and for the outdoor in general. Made for high output performance in hot weather. it stretches easily to accommodate any activity. It is my favorite for summer hikes etc….. Its fabric wicks sweat and dry fast for comfort.

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Icebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt MensIcebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt Men’s

The Icebreaker 150 Zone Short-Sleeve Crew Shirt is a wool lightweight base layer for the outdoor that would help you regulate body heat to keep you warm and is breathable while offering enough stretch to allow free movement. Its flatlock seams protect against chafing and irritation. Great quality shirt.

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Icebreaker Tech Lite Short Sleeve Crew Shirt Men'sIcebreaker Tech Lite Short Sleeve Crew Shirt Men’s

The Icebreaker Men’s Tech Lite Crewe Shirt provides lightweight made out of soft merino wool fibers spun around a durable nylon core comfort wearing and moisture management. It wicks sweat off your skin and highly resistant to odor build-up. To ensure its durability, It wraps every merino fiber around a nylon core for greater longevity and abrasion resistance, while remains breathable and ensuring comfort.

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Ortovox Merino Rock'NWool shirt Men'sOrtovox Merino Rock’NWool shirt Men’s

This is a great shirt for all types of outdoor activities you may think of with regular fit. It is made from merino wool to handle the fluctuations of your body temp and it wicks moisture away from your skin during intense hikes and delivers fast cooling when resting to control the temperature. It is odor-resistant and very comfortable.

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Kingsted Men’s T-Shirts PackKingsted Men’s T-Shirts Pack – Royally Comfortable – Soft & Smooth – Premium Fabric – Classic Fit

Machine Wash
ROYALLY COMFORTABLE – Kingsted Mens T-Shirts are designed to look & feel like an old favorite since the first time you wear it. These will quickly become your favorites you wear first.
PREMIUM FABRIC – Combines Cotton’s Comfort & Freshness with Softness & Smoothness from Polyester. The finish is a Wrinkle Resistant, Fast-Drying and Ultra-Durable T Shirt.
WELL CRAFTED – Kingsted Tees are well-crafted & perfectly sized every single time. Not too tight or bulky. Fits just right.
LONG LASTING – Exceptionally durable T-Shirts. Maintain shape and color much longer than cheap tshirts. These will wear well and look for a long time.
VALUE PACK – Bundle & Save on our Men’s T-Shirts Pack. Just $9.90 per tee. Buy Now!

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Puma Men's 3 Pack Crew Neck T-ShirtsPUMA Men’s 3 Pack Crew Neck T-Shirts

Other comfortable T-Shirts when not hiking to use for relaxation.

60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
Pull On closure
Machine Wash
Soft, everyday fabric
All-day comfort & premium blend

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Best Hiking Boots Men Best running shoes Men

Here you can learn more about Women’s Best Quality Hiking Boot and the Best Running Shoes Women with complete tips, guidance, and reviews.

Best Quality Hiking Boot & Best Running Shoes Men

When it comes to Men’s hiking clothes, there is one item that we can hike without and that is a best quality Men socks for comfort, and that would be the socks made with the highest quality Merino wool that has great reputation for Best quality and fitting socks all around the world.

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  1. I really love the idea of hiking although I didn’t go on a real Hike I really intend to. Quality clothes is really important in my opinion. I would agree with you on what clothes to wear , you need to do a deep research because their are people out there who will do everything to convince you their product is the best but in reality it’s really not. Very useful and informative article.

    • @TheMarketingLord,

      Many thanks for your comment, and happy to learn that you are 100% with me on this reality that most people need to avoid getting brain washed by today’s products way of marketing just for producers to make money most of the time and not looking for consumers’s interest but some do. That is the reason deep research for all products and not only Men’s Hiking Clothes is a key to a quality life style that we should all endure.

      By the way, Best Quality Hiking Boots is happy to share all our reviews, tips and advice with our worldwide outdoor enthusiasts readers as most of our recommendations of clothing are also meant to make you look cool when wearing in your daily life style as well.

      Have a happy trail,

  2. Haha thanks for the article my guy! Yes!!! This was the article I was waiting for. I really think hiking is a great opportunity to exercise, while also putting a fun twist on it. It’s very difficult though and requires a lot of determination. I’m sure that with these clothes, however, that I’ll be hiking up that trail in no time! 

  3. I have also been an outdoor clothing nerd and very particular to what I invest my money in. Having spent a lot of time outdoors has taught me what to look for. I appreciate your good advice of how to dress and what to prepare for before going on a hike. Discovering that you don´t have the necessary layer of clothes with you in your pack when the weather turns bad on you is an experience you only need once.

    My personal preference is Bergans, Fjallraven and Haglofs. Mamut and Stormberg has also some very good clothes, both hiking shorts (Mamut) and all-weather jackets (Stormberg). Fjallraven products are the top of the line to me. The products can be quite expensive, but if you buy one pair of trousers, you will have that pair for the rest of your life. I have a pair of Abisko trousers that are my favourite pair.

    I also like Bergans products. They are cheaper than Norrona, but have the same quality. I have actually managed to wear out one of their all-weather jackets, but not until after wearing the jacket for every day during almost 12 years.


    • Hello Roy,

      Many thanks for your comment. 

      Indeed, you speak the truth. Much better to invest in a quality product is the way to enjoy the outdoors, at the same time, you will be saving money because of the durability. Have a happy trail. Cheers,


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