How to Brake into Hiking Boots

Guides, tips, and reviews about how to break into a new pair of hiking boots and how to deal with all types of issues so that you can have a happy foot on the next trail with Best Quality Hiking Boots.

Getting New Boot and let’s go hike!

Now that we are excited about our Best Quality Hiking Boots that we just purchased after our expert’s recommendation, what’s next? Are you going to hit the trail right the way? No way my friends. Not too fast. When you get your new hiking boots, 1st tip is to NOT soak them in water or go on a long hike just because you think these awesome hiking boots that I just got today fit perfectly. Second, You got to break into them and I will show you how. When you spend quality time getting things right at the beginning, you will always end up spending quality time on the trail later on with no issues or complications, and especially when you are planning on doing a thru-hike, the last thing you need is getting blisters or hot spots.

How long will take

It is not going to be a couple of hours that is for sure. Based on expert hikers and hiking boots designers, it may take you anywhere from 50 to 100 hours. It all depends on the type of hiking boots and your goals you are planning to achieve with them. You need to ask yourself about the reason why you got the new pair of boots and there you will figure out how long it will take you to break into them. Planning on hitting the trail for only short hikes like a half-day to a day hike is not the same as multi-day hikes or light, moderate, or heavy-duty long backpacking hikes. That is how you will determine the timing and how long it takes because the longer is our desired journey with our new boots is the longer it takes for breaking into them so that we won’t regret it later on once we are on a long trip.

Women’s Hiking Boots

Breaking into my best quality hiking boot tips
  • You will need to wear your hiking boots with the socks and insoles you will be using on the trail
  • Try a couple of lacing techniques to figure out the most comfortable one, and do not make it too tight, make sure is very comfortable.
  • Start walking around the house, around the block, and if you think you have a good fit, then take it for a walk around town for shopping, to the movies, wear it to work and then start putting a couple of hours a day for a few days to make sure that there are no issues with the boot first.
  • Lookout for any pinches or any problem may be occurring around the toe box or any hot spots around the ankle so that you can address the issue by trying an all different type of lacing techniques to get rid of those small problems before becoming big and before you put your boot on any trail out there.
  • If it turns out that your boots still uncomfortable after using all lacing techniques, the best to do is to return those boots and get different sizes, etc… That is the reason we always recommend to our readers that it is best to purchase hiking boots online and get 2 or 3 different sizes from companies that honor free shipping for all return items.
  • Now that you feel good about it you want to grab your light back and hit the trail for an easy half-day hike or so. If you get a good result and have a good feeling about it, the next time you should go for a full day hike to know what it feels like among routes, rocks, and any rugged environments.
  • After a few trials, the next step is to keep adding more tasks and distance to your boots based on your goals.
  • If your goal is long-distance backpacking, do not put 60 or 80 pounds on your back and hit the trail, you need to do it gradually and keep adding for both the wait and the distance as you go.
  • If your goal is both backpacking and or summiting some of the high peaks in the world, you will need to do the same but you will need to do backpacking peaks in areas nearby and keep increasing again both the distance and the weight gradually to enhance everything in between. You will also need to do hikes on different seasons and few extra winter hikes on those snowy and icy mountains so that you get use your crampons, ice pick, etc… to get the real feel of it all. Now we are talking about the real deal. At this point, you will not only break into your hiking boots but to your entire hiking in gear.

Men’s Hiking Boots

Leather Hiking Boots Trick & Treat

A piece of advice, a common mistake that I see people making all the time is when some folks get a new pair of hiking leather boots, they wear them right out of the box for long hours to see if they are good boots and can last for a long hike without any blisters or hot spots when a boot has a good fit from the beginning. That my friend is a big mistake. And the worst part is after they return their boots, they start right the way trashing the boots with bad reviews at vendors web sites. In my book, that is immature and unprofessional. The right thing to do is to follow our tips from the experts and designers and the process of how to break into a new pair first before commenting on any boots out there because even with the Best Quality Hiking Boots, there may be some fitting issue for someone as not all men are created equal and what works for me may not work for you. Please follow the above tips on how to break into your new boots.

Help me Help You – Use Leather Oil

Some folks enjoy hiking in leather boots. These days some of the best quality hiking boots are made out of leather. Look at The Mammut Kento High GTX Hiking boots is made from high-quality nubuck leather and check out the Zamberlan’s best-selling boot, the 1996 Vioz Lux GTX got upgraded recently and still one of the best quality hiking boots out there. But when breaking into leather boots, sometimes you may need to use leather oil to void having blisters or hot spots.

Women Leather Hiking Boots

How to Use Leather Oil for Tick Leather Boots
  • Use a good leather oil-like “ Obenauf” a couple of times at least per week so that your feet will seduce your boot to fail in love with them as it can speed up the process in boot maintenance and help situations like treating the vamp of the boot and around the toes as it is the most area of the boot that would be doing all the flexing and may cause you pain. That is how the oil would penetrate leather to soften it up and let it stretch around your foot for the best fit for the long run.
  • Brush off mud daily and avoid washing it and drying it out. The only way you can dry your leather boot if wet is by letting it air dry out on its own or by using a boot dryer.
  • Wear the Right Socks that you are planning on using on the trail and use a good pair all the time so that you know what to expect based on different seasons until your Best Quality Hiking Boots is broken in. The role of the right Socks is key to an awesome journey in any way. I prefer socks with moderate compression for moisture-wicking and that would help you keep your feet dry and protected. On a side note, socks with medium cushions will help them break into your boots as your feet will be comfortable during the long hike. My favorite hiking socks must be built for dryness like with natural Merino Wool, as well as synthetic fibers to support my feet blister-free during any outdoor adventure in addition to quality hiking boots.
How to Lace Hiking Boots Techniques

As I mentioned above that lacing techniques not only help you from hot spots and blisters but can save you time and energy because that would make you cut to the chase by selecting the appropriate hiking boots in no time to have happy feet on the trail. The following video is made by the REI team to help you learn all different techniques to lace up your hiking boots dealing with all common foot issues while trying to break into your hiking boots and to protect your feet from excess lifting while on the trail. watch video here.

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  1. High boots are very essential for hiking. Getting a new one sometimes makes the leg uncomfortable as it is still very new and would feel a bit tight. The fact that this article provides a solution for that is really wonderful and helpful. This is a ohec of information that is worth sharing for the good of others. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment Babakes, It is Best Quality Hiking Boots total pleasure sharing our Reviews, Tips and advise on anything related to Best Hiking Boots Men and women alike. Have a happy trail.

  2. What awesome tips on how to break in new hiking boots. I did not know that it could take as long as 50 to 100 hours to break in a new pair. When I get a new pair of shoes or sandals, I normally start by wearing them around the house to make the leather softer, so I will definitely follow your advise and wear my new hiking boots around the house and for shorter walks to start with. I will also try different lacing techniques and thicker socks if I have any issues. 


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