Best Winter Jackets Women Review

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How can I be warm and stylish in winter

That is a million dollar question but the answer is very simple. Women always like to take care of their business based on the look, the style, the quality and the comfort. So when talking about the winter, we are are talking about multiple layers including Turtleneck, the pant, the long socks, the Scarf, the boots, and then the magic word comes a long and that is that warm stylish and good looking winter jackets Women that you can not do without when leaving home in a cold raining day. And then another question will come to mind, what kind of brand that would fit the bill at the same time would cover all women needs. What is the difference between a parka and a puffer jacket as the parka is a waterproof / windproof, warm jacket with a hood that is lined with fur or faux fur while a puffer jacket is lighter, waterproof jacket filled with down , insulation or synthetic fibre in order to get that puffed up appearance.

No matter where you are located, you got to have some type of cold winter at some point. If it is not raining or freezing rain, then it is cold, and if it is not raining then it is snowing but there is always the cold involved in winter time. So the answer to that is to make sure you are taking good care of that department by owning one or a few of some of the best winter jackets women in order tho enjoy the outdoors in those cold days.

How you Define one of the Best Winter Jackets Women

In my book and based on all reviews I collected starting with my wife to a 1000s of folks on all type of trails and trips I shared with, I will be providing you with some of the top quality jackets in the market with complete reviews of our best selection and there you will find all you need to know about all the advantage and the reason behind our top picks. The Patagonia Tres 3 in 1, The north face outer Boroughs Parka, The Columbia Hillsdale Parka, the Helly HansenLong Belfast Winter Insulated Jacket and the Columbia Firewood Parka.

Cute Winter Jackets Women

Why Patagonia Tres 3-in-1 Women’s Jacket

This is one of our top pick for best winter jackets Women, as a lot of jackets out there are expressing to be made for all season, but only few of them really deliver the needs like Patagonia’s Tres Down 3-In-1 Women’s Parka in style jacket. Waterproof, windproof, and breathable jacket, with great protection against the cold, wet and harsh winter conditions. Has a fully sealed H2No shell to keep the barrage of elements at bay When the cold winds blow and bring the snow with them to be more comfortable. It is well insulated to provide warmth. Its comes in three layers to keep you ready for ever changing conditions and the unexpected for your pleasant outdoor experience. The inner jacket is very well insulated, water resistance and it is a great standalone layer for clear as well as cold days. The outer layer is waterproof, windproof, and breathable; And that is the reason why this jacket is a bit expensive as you are getting three high quality options in layers for the price of one and when zipped together you will be very protected.

Patagonia Tres 3 in 1 Parka Women'sPatagonia Tres 3-in-1 Jacket – Women’s

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL AND XXL

Details and Tech Specs

– Face fabric 100% polyester
– Slim cut and princess seams afford a flattering feminine fit
– Recycled materials demonstrate Patagonia’s commitment to the environment
– A flattering 3-in-1 parka for cold weather versatility
– Durable DWR-treated shell safeguards against rainstorms and to keep out the moisture out without sacrificing breathability
– Zip-out two-layer design for dynamic weather adaptability
– 700-fill recycled down insulation against low temperatures
– Detachable hood provides optional shell coverage 

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Why The North Face Outer Boroughs Parka Women’s Jacket

The North Face’s New Outerboroughs Parka is a classic winter parka well designed, very durable and provides extra warmth and solid defense against all winter conditions such as rain and cold to make you feel as a best friend to have when exploring the outdoors in winter. It has a dry Vent shell just like all best quality Ski Jackets against rain or snow with reliable waterproof protection. A nice piece to add to your list. Awesome, windproof and comfortable wear. The Boroughs’ fleece cuffs convert to mittens, and cozy insulated hood for waterproof protection. It has a cinched waist to help shape the the layer to tailor the best fit. Comes with two way zipper to allow you plenty of legs space for free movement, and a storm flap to allow you more flexibility. This parka will make sure you are nice and warm in cold temperature to ensure you confident when you are exploring the outdoor in bad conditions or if caught out in a storm.

The north face outer Boroughs Parka Women
The North Face Outer Boroughs Parka

Size: XS, S, M, L, and XL

Details and Tech Specs
– Face fabric 49% nylon, 33% polyester, 18% cotton, DWR
– Parka provides winter-worthy warmth in any ski town
– Dry Vent designed with waterproof, breathable, and protection
– Down insulation with lofty feeling and comfortably warmth
– Adjustable hood with a removable faux-fur ruff
– Internal cuff gaiters to seal out any incoming cold
– Pockets / 2 zippered chest, 2 zippered hands, 1 sleeve
– Relaxed fit

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Why Columbia Hilsdale Parka Women’s Jacket

The Hillsdale Parka boasts the style is a casual parka with added tech ensuring being warm, dry, and comfortable when exploring the outdoors or simply when you are going to work in this cold days. What is very important about this jacket is that its classic mid thigh parka length is fully stuffed with down with more than what you would expect, and it is protected by a waterproof and breathable Omni Tech face fabric for one good reason and one only would lets you effortlessly stay as comfortable as possible at any storm or any miserable winter days while outside. The fleece lined, faux fur trimmed hood helps hold the heat in. Well protective and breathable jacket at the same time helps you stand around in the coldest of weather without extra layers.

Columbia Hilsdale Parka Women'sColumbia Hilsdale Parka Women’s Jacket

Size: XS, S, M, L, and XL

Details and Tech Specs

– Classic parka with modern technologies for all day warmth
– Omni-Tech face fabric offers stretchy comfort, waterproofing
– Omni-Heat reflective lining helps keep body heat next to skin
– 600-fill down traps heat to keep it lightweight
– Critically sealed seams against moisture
– Zippered hand pockets keep your important items nearby
– Adjustable hood to lock extra heat and to block wind
– Regular fit

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Cheap Winter Jackets Women

Here we have warm and cute winter jackets women without breaking the bank if not interested to spend that kind of money from our above selection. You will get to learn about the Columbia firewood Parka Women’s jacket and about the Helly Hansen Long Belfast Winter Insulated Jacket Women’s with complete details and reviews.

Stylish Women Winter Jackets

Columbia firewood Parka Women’s Jacket

This is one of the best women winter jackets sale. Great to use for those Rainy days. The Columbia Firewood knee length protects your thighs from moisture. Seam sealed exterior to keep the rain away from penetration on the outside. On the other hand, the inside would keep you nice and warm in cold days. It gives you room to allow additional layers underneath for added comfort. Comes with a removable hood for blustery wintery weather protection.

Columbia Firewood Parka Women's JacketColumbia firewood Parka Women’s Jacket

Size: XS, S, M, L, and XL

– Made out of face fabric 70% cotton, 30% nylon, lining 100% polyester
– Long, insulated winter parka with a waterproof exterior
– Seams are critically sealed
– Removable hood with a drawstring for foul weather coverage
– Zippered hand pockets for warmer heat. Interior for security
– Adjustable cuffs closing down over gloves for good insulation
– Casual use with relaxed fit

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Helly Hansen Long Belfast Winter Insulated Jacket Women’s

The Helly Hansen Women’s Long Belfast Insulated Jacket is a classy, cozy and one of stylish women winter jackets out there. It is waterproof, breathable, and windproof; compliment to the two layer Helly Tech fabric protection with fully taped seams and the DWR treatment to help you when outdoor against the cold and pouring rain. Prima Loft insulation that would provide you warmth with full coverage by adjusting the cuffs and the cinch cord at the hem. Comes with adjustable hood that pairs well with the anti chafe chin guard for comfort, and the fast dry lining to ensure you stay warm after a long walk when sweating.

Helly Hansen Long Belfast Winter Insulated Jacket Women'sHelly Hansen Long Belfast Winter Insulated Jacket Women’s

Size: XS, S, M, L, and XL

Details and Tech Specs

– Material: face fabric 70% cotton, 30% nylon, lining 100% polyester
– Seams are critically sealed
– Long, insulated winter parka with a waterproof exterior
– Removable hood with a drawstring for foul weather coverage
– Zippered hand pockets for warmer heat. Interior for security
– Adjustable cuffs close down over gloves for extra insulation
– Casual with Regular fit

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Orolay Women’s Hooded Slim Puffer Jacket Quilted Mid Length Winter Down Coat
Orolay Women's Hooded Slim Puffer Jacket Quilted Mid Length Winter Down CoatOrolay Women’s Hooded Slim Puffer Jacket Quilted Mid Length Winter Down Coat

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Details and Tech Specs
Shell fabric: 100% polyester, Lining fabric: 100% polyester, Filler: 90% white duck down; 10% feather.
Placket has double windproof design with zipper and buttons. These can offer you protection in cold weather, keep you warm from heavy rain and freezing snow. It is a perfect outdoor coat for working, traveling, hiking and for daily life use.
This jacket has many adjustable parts. A Hood can be adjusted on front and back, it will help you to adjust hood to fit your head. Adjustable hem of back is convenient when you sit down. Detachable faux fur and windproof sleeve opening can be adapted to any weather.
Waist invisible pocket and S shape design is very fancy and will let your body look slimmer. And 2 pieces side pockets and 1pcs inside chest pocket can protect your personal belongings.

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  1. Now the winter season is upon certain parts of the world I think that your recommendations would come in useful for a lot of people.

    These jackets look cool, but a little bit pricey in my opinion. Though if it is long-lasting then I suppose it is a good investment. I’m waiting for the day when the world goes back to normal and I can travel to winter countries again. Fingers-crossed!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, some of the jackets within the article are a bit pricy but nice to
      own one of Best Winter Jackets Women can wear because of the style,
      the look, comfort, and most importantly the quality. People in
      general often make mistakes and go for the look and the cheap price
      but then the product won’t last long. I personally prefer to pay 2 or
      3 times the price for quality and style to last me for example 5 years
      or more, over cheap price product that won’t do the job because of
      poor quality, not enough satisfaction and end up costing me much more
      as I would have to replace the product every season or every year.
      And the worst part is to not even get satisfied within 1 season.


  2. Sometimes we find it hard to get a perfect fit for the right weather condition and it’s not easy to go with all the suggestions that you see online and it makes it all beautiful when I saw this article. I have some really cool jacket for Winter this season but I am not really coll with it and that is why I M ready to get some more better jacket to go with 

  3. Hello there Akim! This is such a good and timely post! Probably the best time to actually get a really nice winter jacket for oneself or even a gift. Great reviewed products, All classy but I don’t really know tho! If they would be great for men. Plus they are a little bit too pricy in my opinion. 

    • Many thanks for the comment Josh. Best Quality Hiking Boots is happy to help. Please make a note that best quality = Pricy and less quality = less pricy. And speaking of pricy, checkout our Best Winter Jackets Men Reviews to see what kind of price you will need to pay for quality winter jackets: https://bestqualityhikingboots


  4. You are absolutely right, I want to look pretty but also I want to be warm in this winter as well. I just want the best of both worlds! I have to say that I personally love parka, not only that they keep me warm but they are also stylish. The North Face Outer Boroughs Parka Seems like a good choice for me with my New York’s winter. Thanks for all the reviews! 

    • Many thanks for the follow-up, Nuttanee.

      A lot of folks in my hiking club, wear The North Face Outer Boroughs Parka, and they have been enjoying it. I’m positive that you will love it as well. Enjoy,


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