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When it comes to the outdoors, it is always nice when you pay back mother nature in any way possible. For mountain biking, I paid my dues as a member of the Renegades mountain bike club in New York in the Hudson Valley. One of the club goals was to bring the adventure back to mountain biking by exploring off-the-beaten-track trails throughout the Hudson Valley. The second is to participate in sharing in the onus of maintaining the club rather than paying the membership fee, by giving back to the mountain bike community through volunteer for trail work/maintenance, trail building, and help out at the races. We did maintenance of two of the “epic” single track in mountain biking parks in the North East, Lippman, and Walnut Mountain Park. We put 1000s man-hours into trail creation. Throughout the years we tested most of the Best Mountain Bikes Men you can imagine. I know for sure that it can be hard to pick the right bike, but we’ve got you covered, We did all the research, testing all things about MTB, including the performance, handling, comfort, reliability, and price. Our guide would help make the decision based on your interest, desire, and budget.

Bike Types Guide

Best Quality Hiking Boots is presenting you with complete reviews and details about the following Bike Types guide that is consist of All Mountain bike, Enduro bikes, Mountain Trail bikes, Cross-Country bikes, and fat bikes.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike

Before buying a new mountain bike, there are a few factors to consider when making this choice. First is your budget, second is your level riding that can determine where you will be riding your MTB, and the third is how you like to ride, before thinking you need a full-suspension or hardtail bike. Then the next question, do I want a Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Frame bike. Aluminum leads to better power transfer and higher efficiency, while Carbon is lighter, but comes with its fair share of down-side, which is a higher cost. Another advantage of aluminum is better absorbing impacts from trail debris and resists a high-speed crash, while Carbon can crack easily.

What is the Best Mountain Bikes Men for Beginners

It is highly recommended for beginners to not jumpstart their Mountain Trail Bikes journey by purchasing an expensive bike that can be difficult to ride. To be on the safe side is to go with a basic bike such as a mountain hard trail bike with fork shocks, that can be used for all different riders styles, while handling a wide range of terrain, to help you determine the terrain and style you are comfortable, and lead you on figuring out the type of bike you would like to invest in the long term. That is how you can upgrade to a better bike without breaking the bank twice. At the end of the day, you will need to get a bike that would match your goals. If you were interested in speed, you need to buy a light and fast bike. On the other hand, if you prefer a bike that can be combined to do a bit of everything, then an all-mountain or trail bike with less suspension than an enduro bike and more than a cross-country bike.

Wheel Size: 27.5 vs. 29er

Most mountain bikes are equipped with either 27.5 or 29-inch wheels. The smaller 27.5-inch wheels have a more playful feel on the trail as they are much easier to maneuver and lighter, which makes them more popular as they are more responsive to rider inputs. On the other hand, 29ers are more popular among speed-focused cyclists tackling rougher trails and play advantage in height.

Trail bikes

Trail bikes are a new style of mountain bikes, but not as light as Cross-country Bikes. The efficient yet root- and rock-absorbing front and rear suspension are just enough to take the edge off rough trails, at the same time would allow you to do better on the climbs without taking all the energy out of your system. In general, Trail bikes are fast uphill and more fun riding downhill. Our best trail bike pick for beginners is Schwinn with lower-maintenance mechanical disc brakes, and more affordable than hydraulic disc brakes, in addition to significantly more stopping power than rim brakes.  Aluminum frame.

Schwinn Axum / Best Budget Mountain Bike

Aluminum Frame / Click here for PRICE $$ and more details

All Mountain Bike

An all mountain bike is the most versatile style of mountain bikes. It put a strong emphasis on both climbing and descending than the trail bike, You will feel free to use it on all terrains, anywhere you may wish. These high-end full-suspension bikes are built to help smooth out rough trails and enable the rider to carry more speed down technical sections and quit similar to Enduro bike. A quality one weighs around 30 pounds and a bit expensive. Our best all-mountain bike pick is Our best trail bike pick is Trek remedy 7. Carbon or aluminum would be your choice.

Trek remedy 7

Aluminum frame / Click here for PRICE $$$ and more details

Carbon Frame / Click here for PRICE $$$$ and more details

Enduro Bikes

Enduro Bikes are downhill-focused, and still pedal at the same time. They are heavier than all-mountain and trail bikes because of their front and rear travel, enabling you to sail through technical, extremely rough terrains, steep over jumps, and down drops. They are made for races where the downhill is timed, but the uphill is not, as it takes forever pedaling to the top. Our best Enduro bike pick is the Guerilla Gravity Gnarvana Ride, a carbon front triangle pairs with an aluminum rear swingarm.

Guerilla Gravity Gnarvana Ride

Aluminum Frame / Click here for PRICE $$$$ and more details

Cross-country Bikes

Cross-country Bikes are light, built to be ridden on relatively mellow terrain, for uphill and downhill speed. Most cross-country bikes have 100mm suspension and come with 29-inch wheels, which are faster than 27.5-inch wheels. They are good at covering the ground and perform better uphill, but can not deal with technical obstacles or jumps. They also make budget bikes for beginners while they make premium carbon racing designs for pros but expensive. Our best Cross-country Bikes pick is Cannondale Scalpel Carbon SE 2, which has a responsive suspension that keeps the bike’s wheels in contact with the trail so you can go farther faster.

Cannondale Scalpel Carbon SE 2

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Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes were invented for use in snow and sand, at the same time can be ridden in diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, pavement, as well as any type of MTB trails. They are easily identified by their fa, wide, and large tires, and that is the reason they are a popular choice for riders looking to pedal in the winter, and for all types of adventure dirt trails. They Are much heavier than mountain bikes, which make them harder to pedal on normal terrain. Most designs come with no front or rear suspension because the fat tires absorb most of the impacts. Here is one of my favorite fat bikes. Our best Fat bike pick is the Kona Wo mountain bike, aluminum with Great flotation in the snow; quality components at an excellent value.

Kona Wo mountain bike

Aluminum Frame / Click here for PRICE $$$ and more details

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  1. This is an awesome article. 

    As the spring is beyond the corner I want to start riding a mountain bike. 
    I consider myself a beginner and appreciate the information you have put together regarding the best mountain bikes. 

    I might be interested in the 29-inch wheels, as I like t ride fast 🙂 
    Until now I did not think about the wheel size, so I am glad I have stumbled upon your article. 

    Also, I am gonna stick with a trail bike.

  2. Duude Akim! If you ever get the chance to make it out to Boise, Idaho totally take it! we have some killer trails out here! And I have a buddy who owns a coffee/bike repair shop out here, Bikes and Beans, he and all of his crew go to the races around here and in the valley.

    But as far as the bikes go, that Cannondale Scalpel Carbon SE 2 looks like it would be right up my alley! 

    Thank you for putting together this list of killer bikes!

    • Hello Dawayne,

      You are an awesome man. I appreciate the invite. I have the Boise on my list. I hope to catch up in the near future to ride those killer trails you got there. By the way, the Cannondale Scalpel Carbon SE 2 is one of my favorites bikes. It is light and as fast as the lightning. You will be super happy with it.  Cheer, and have a happy trails.

  3. This is great information on mountain bikes. Almost all the aspects covered. This article came at the right time for me. I have been researching on bikes for a while now and the information in your article will be very helpful. I am planning to zero in on Schwinn to start with for its affordability and lower maintenance. The flexible riding will be an added advantage.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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