Hello Everyone, and welcome to Best Quality Hiking Boots. I’m an Avid hiker adventurer and world-class traveler for over 30 years based in New York who seeks challenging hikes while also enjoying kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling over waterfalls, skiing, kiteboarding, paragliding, and much more. 

My Story

Over the years, I have ventured out and done the Appalachian Trail (over 1000 miles / WV-MD-PA-NJ-NY-CT-VT-NH), summit hikes in the Catskills, Adirondacks, New England, and climbed the tallest peaks out west, Mt. Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa (both summer/winter) and Mt. Kilimanjaro the highest peak in entire Africa (summer).

No wonder why I love nature so much, and enjoy helping others (as my Chinese zodiac is a Dragon with a Mysterious, Imaginative, Ambitious, and noble) by sharing my findings and expertise with like-minded folks within the worldwide hiking community.

Our Obligation

As we all know, to enjoy any sport, we must pick the right gear, and for hiking, we have no choice but to wear the best quality hiking boots that would allow our feet to manage a proper performance during each hike and not just one day hike but for short as well as long consecutive daily hikes. The last thing we need is to drive a car with a bad tire that would result in a flat. The same works in selecting your walking/trekking/hiking boots as there are a variety of terrains and climates/seasons and all different types of hikes. So Best Quality Hiking Boots obligation is to help our community members reviewing anything related to Outdoor Adventure Boots and Gear.

Our Choice

Anyone out there MUST understand that your feet are the foundation of your hiking journey. You must find the right and the best quality hiking boots and not necessarily expensive ones. So let it become a habit of yours each time you need to purchase a pair of hiking boots to be useful for a day hike, overnight hike, weekend hike, multi-day distance backpacking, backcountry hike, lightweight / ultralight hike, thru-hike, or a glacier hike that is very technical and requires specializing knowledge and gear. You can not go wrong with waterproof hiking boots for all season but again, let’s not forget about the temperature where you will be hiking as a summer hike would be different from a winter hike. Best Quality Hiking Boots tips and reviews will help you chose excellent hiking boots, clothes, and trustworthy hiking gear so you stay warm, dry, and comfortable from our top value pick from the best brands in the industry with extra breathability and much more.

Our Trust

Our recommendation has gained a cult following in the worldwide hiking community as these BackPacking Footwear and all outdoor sport boots not only last and does not break but have contoured footbeds with extra arch and heel support to have the ability keeping your feet dry and ventilated throughout any type of condition.

We wish you a happy trail.


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